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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in South Carolina

When summer comes around it is time to make sure to update insurance for all boats and watercraft. This includes fishing boats (for recreational and commercial use), motorboats, sailboats, Jet Skis, and even canoes, kayaks, windsurfing boards, standup paddleboards and more.

Not only is it important to make sure there is adequate insurance coverage against loss, damage, or theft, but it is also important to make sure the people using the boat or watercraft, as well as others who might be involved in any accident, have proper insurance coverage.

Even when a watercraft is in storage for part of the year, there needs to be insurance to protect it from theft or damage. Some homeowner’s policies may cover smaller watercraft like canoes. This might be sufficient for loss or damage, but not necessarily for any accidents when the watercraft is in use. For most watercraft, there needs to be a specific insurance policy or an insurance “rider.” which is a special addition to an existing policy that extends the insurance coverage to watercraft.

Check with the independent insurance agents at Cornerstone Insurance LLC, in South Carolina, to learn more about the options for boat and watercraft insurance. The agents at Cornerstone Insurance LLC are the “go to” experts of the Greenville, SC boat insurance agents.

Cornerstone Insurance agents review existing policies to analyze insurance coverage. This helps to identify inadequate insurance coverage, such as watercraft insurance that may need an update. Even though boating insurance is not legally required in the state of South Carolina, it is still a very good idea to have some.

The U.S. Coast Guard keeps statistics on boating accidents. South Carolina made the top ten list in 2014 of the worst states for the highest number of boating accidents. South Carolina ranked seventh place with 124 boating accidents that caused 14 deaths.

Nobody wants to experience the trauma of an accident involving watercraft, especially if it is not properly insured.

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