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Commercial Insurance in South Carolina

Whether you own a small, one-person business or an enterprise-level company, to protect your assets and prevent major financial loss in the event of an accident, you should carry, at the least, a commercial general liability policy. If you have employees and your business license depends on it, you also need to carry a Workers' Compensation policy. Of course, your business vehicles may also need commercial coverage.

General Liability

General liability insurance covers you against bodily injury or property damage if you or your employees have an accident that harms someone else or damages somebody else's property. It also covers you against lawsuits arising out of your company's acts that might damage another's reputation, copyrights, or other rights to their property. If someone other than you or your employees were to suffer a mishap while on the premises of your business, your policy should cover medical expenses and protect your assets against a lawsuit.

Workers Compensation

Your worker's compensation policy covers your employees if they suffer bodily injury on the job. Employee injuries can be from any number of things, including sudden accidents or cumulative physical damage due to the nature of the work performed.

Commercial Auto

All vehicles need to be insured, of course, but special coverages can be mandated for certain licensing requirements. Your own personal auto insurance policy may not be sufficient if your vehicle is for both business and personal use.

Other Types of Commercial Insurance

Depending on your business, you may also need to consider insurance for disability, errors and omissions, professional liability and other specialized types of coverage.

If you are going into business in the areas around Greenville, South Carolina, or need to switch insurers, please contact any of Cornerstone, LLC's, independent agents for commercial insurance quotes. We are happy to meet with you in person; contact us today for a free commercial insurance quote.

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